plant water / rosemary hydrosol

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plant water / rosemary hydrosol

Steam distilled hydrosol water made from organic Rosemary leaves and flowers.

The Rosemary plant water is a natural antiseptic and great for treating skin irritations and acne. The water hydrates, cleanses and balances your skin. It supports the natural ph and can improve overall skin health. Works wonders for sensitive skin. Rosemary is a stimulant and therapeutically energizes, refreshes, and uplifts you!

A hydrosol is the water that remains after the process of extracting an essential oil from a plant by steam distillation. During the distillation process, vapor collects in a condenser, and as it cools, it separates into water and an essential oil. The water that remains is called hydrosol and contains small molecules of essential oil as well as water-soluble parts of the plant. Hydrosols are the essence of the plant. 

Directions: Use it morning/night as a toner, before/after working out, for your yoga mat, room enhancer, etc. Use it anytime you need a refresh. Feel free to use it liberally. 

100% organic / no preservatives 

Handpicked, harvested, and sourced from Jellicles Farm in Sunol, CA. 

Handmade in El Cerrito, CA

Made to order 

 2.0 oz 

* due to seasonality and harvest, this product is made in small quantities. 

exp. 3-6 M (to extend shelf, keep it in a cool place)