plant water / rose geranium hydrosol

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plant water / rose geranium hydrosol


Steam distilled hydrosol water made from organic Rose Geranium leaves and flowers. 

A hydrosol is the water that remains after the process of extracting an essential oil from a plant by steam distillation. During the distillation process, vapor collects in a condenser, and as it cools, it separates into water and an essential oil. The water that remains is called hydrosol and contains small molecules of essential oil as well as water-soluble parts of the plant. Hydrosols are the essence of the plant. 

Directions: Use it morning/night as a toner, before/after working out, for your yoga mat, room enhancer, etc. Use it anytime you need a refresh. Feel free to use it liberally. 

100% organic / no preservatives 

Handpicked, harvested, and sourced from Jellicles Farm in Sunol, CA. 

Handmade in El Cerrito, CA

Made to order 

 2.0 oz 

* due to seasonality and harvest, this product is made in small quantities. 

exp. 3-6 M (to extend shelf, keep it in a cool place)